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Guangdong jingsui industrial group

Ten years journey, carrying fruits and glory. A fast growing enterprise diversification compose a magnificent chapter in the Guangdong land.

    In May 1993 the first "Golden Harvest" of domestic enterprises -- Guangdong jingsui Industrial Co. Ltd. in Guangzhou listing. In 1995, Real Estate Company registered a prelude to the development of real estate. After that, Property Management Company, coating company, design engineering company and real estate industry chain were established. In the early stage of investment in logistics transportation industry, printing industry, the "Golden Harvest" and successfully enter the bio pharmaceutical industry, ecological tourism and catering services. March 2004 is the "Golden Harvest" development is an important milepost -- Guangdong jingsui industrial group was established, the "Golden Harvest" has become one of the leading real estate, industrial production, ecological tourism, catering services, logistics and transportation for the integrated development of trans regional enterprise group. Existing 29 member enterprises, employees more than 500 people, the total assets of 780 million yuan. "Jinsui" always in the development of market-oriented, unswervingly adhere to the credibility of the first, service first, law-abiding business, sincere cooperation and common development "business philosophy, continue to strengthen internal management, so that enterprises can be sustained and stable development, has been awarded the Guangdong province pacesetter enterprises, win good reputation by the central, provincial and municipal leaders as the" Golden Harvest "concern and encourage enterprises autograph inscription. In the future, the group will accelerate the implementation of the "golden harvest as a leader in real estate, industrial production, ecological tourism are the two common development" strategy, the "Golden Harvest" enterprises do more better!

    Honor is the sublimation of the brand, but also the starting point for another brilliant. Through the rising brand effect, the group has worked extensively with well-known enterprises from all walks of life to fully integrate resources. Now, the group has the ability to operate more than one project at one year.

Empirical research unit
The first (2008) China Environmental Art Award
AAA+ grade China Quality Credit Enterprise
Guangdong ten sunshine integrity real estate enterprises
Guangdong residential construction top 30
AAA grade China Quality Credit Enterprise
China's harmonious community development management leader brand
The third outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Guangdong
Establishing famous brand brand impetus enterprise

    "An JS map" opened in February 2000. The trademark map is composed of three parts: middle initials J, S prefix changes, meaning: Jinsui enterprise; point J prefix with hidden meaning: the royal crown on behalf of the potential, very strong. A symbol of reliability and dependability. On both sides of two plump grains around the JS enterprise, a symbol of home rich food; a bumper grain harvest, there is wealth, wealth and pepsi. There are three water waves below, representing the three rivers. Meaning: water for everything, everything, water is living, and. Water is wealth, but water is wealth; wealth is like water; water flows, wealth passes. Wealth, such as Sanjiang, business flourishing, the road through the four seas through the road.

    Golden Harvest group the rich fruits of the harvest, harvest all people cannot do without hard work ahead, also cannot do without the leadership of the concern and support, in 20 years of Golden Harvest group in the process of its development, has always been the central and local levels of leaders and guidance.

Pictured: former president Hua Guofeng (China) photo with Chairman Lu Hefeng photo (right)

Picture: former president Yang Shangkun (left three) took a photo with Chairman Lu Hefeng (left, two)

The cause of and harmonious society

Twenty do build brilliant one hundred years

Life without interest, full of bold and unrestrained and heroic feelings; years quiet good, burst out dazzling light.

    In May 1993, our career kicked off in Guangzhou, with the excellent situation of reform and opening up, in the "three into a record" or "integration, financing, financial intelligence, the guiding ideology of the brand", Golden Harvest group efforts to create a learning organization, and gradually establish a perfect management system; actively integrate various resources, build capital operation platform; talent wisdom fully, combing the scientific concept of talent development. In the years of solid, steady operation, gradually in the country to establish a "beauty" and "kindness" and "harmony" of the "Golden Harvest" brand.
    "Feng soar, sail Ao sky wings." In 2014, people will redouble their efforts to harvest! We firmly believe that, in the third Golden Harvest group for ten years, we will be more efficient and pragmatic, keep pace with the times, to upgrade the "Golden Harvest" to a higher level, and create "cause, promote the harmonious society".  

Jingsui Group Chairman, President Lu Hefeng:

He is currently the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee of Guangdong, Heyuan Province, vice president of Guangdong glorious cause Promotion Association and executive vice president of Guangdong provincial real estate association.

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Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Avenue South Peace Street on the 27th